Celebrate is

a family conference for Christians of all ages. Our vision is to offer a faith-filled and fun event which combines good Christian teaching, inspirational speakers and celebration of the liturgy, where young and old alike join together in a vibrant atmosphere to celebrate the love of God.

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Celebrate 2014

Sadly we are unable to run Celebrate Ilfracombe at Easter due to the national split in school holidays this year but we will be running in 2015 so keep the week free! In the meantime 2014 has eleven regions running CELEBRATE WEEKEND conferences including a new location in the North East. See the column on the right for details. WE REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

In addition JOEL’S BAR is holding its own conference at Worth Abbey for those between 18–25s. More details on the Joel’s Bar website.

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Celebrate Magazine

Download Celebrate Magazine See the latest Celebrate Magazine, the 20th Anniversary Edition. This beautifully written and produced magazine includes articles and stories written by Celebrators old and new. It gives a taste of what Celebrate is all about!

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Celebrate Weekend Conferences 2014

Joel’s Bar Sadly over for this year.
Joel’s Bar website
North West Sadly over for this year.
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Wales Sadly over for this year.
More information
East Anglia Sadly over for this year.
More information
Twickenham Sadly over for this year.
More information
Brighton Sadly over for this year.
More information
Cleethorpes Sadly over for this year.
More information
Southampton Sadly over for this year.
More information
North East 11th–12th Oct 2014
More information
Torquay 18th–19th Oct 2014
More information
Bristol 25th–26th Oct 2014
More information
St. Albans 1st–2nd Nov 2014
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What our clergy say

“Perhaps what struck me most about it was the way in which whole families were involved and that young people who have grown up with Celebrate have become mature and confident Christians. I think there are lessons here for the Church as a whole - lessons about how to create space for young people both to be themselves and develop their own Christian identity.”
~ Archbishop Kevin McDonald

“Having Celebrate Wales has been such an encouragement for Cardiff. It is great to see new people come along and really have their faith enlivened. What has affected me most is the growth of our parish prayer group. It’s a real witness to the fruit of Celebrate.”
~ Canon Matthew Jones, Cardiff

“Coming to Celebrate has been a great gift. The welcome is warm, the talks inspiring and prayer strengthening. All around you will be ordinary people like you but with a sense that our life with Christ and in the Church can be so much more.”
~ Fr Paul Keane, Essex

We are very grateful to Michael Woodward for his kind contribution of providing most of the photographs on the website.